What Bondsmen Need to Know About Local Texas Bail Reform Initiatives – Texas Bail Bond Newsletter

er. There are many Texas residents felt the new bail reforms placed an unjust amount of financial pressure on defendants. In light of the standard bail rate for non-violent offences is around $1,500, it’s easy to see why a bail bonding company will realize that the defendant is likely to feel this was unjust. The citizens of Texas revolted. It wasn’t a riot However, their voices were heard.

Most likely, you’ve seen the pleasure of working with bail bondsmen who helped those who were in financial trouble. They were in a position where they worked multiple jobs could not keep enough money in their bank accounts. They were overwhelmed with financial obligations and debts. If you believed that the person who was in front of you was not guilty and innocent, it’s hard not to view that the bail reforms were not somewhat unfair. But for the average Texas residents, the reforms have been well-thought-out. But the problem remains especially for the poor.

Bail bond companies can’t manage everything at once. A bail bond agent who helps someone in financial trouble doesn’t get any special or special treatment. You must be tough on the bail bond recipients as a bail bondsman. It is important for your customers to trust you. The Texas bail reform was implemented for a specific reason. You may require to explain it what happened to your clients.

The Bail Jumping Are Consistent

Good news: Bail jumping sentences in Texas are not changing. If you are convicted of bail jumping, a Texas conviction for bail jumping may lead to you being sent into jail for up to one year and also a $4,000 fine. Due to the financial consequences, it’s not hard to observe that your customers must abide by the rules. The new bail reform initiatives aren’t allowing your clients to take advantage from the bail system.

A suspect accused of a crime may go to jail for all of a year for committing any crime that might result in no prison time. A majority of Texas citizens believe that sentences are identical, and not because bail reform has been a factor. Instead, the bail bond business and Texas residents alike


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